Digitizing MINEDUC

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MINEDUC staff train on EDRMS

Beginning June 2014, TK Index embarked on digitizing the archives of the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC). The Ministry, which has millions of records dating back to the 1980’s, has prioritized conversion of legacy documents into digital format. The digitization will not just serve to preserve critical documents (currently held in paper forms)  for posterity, but it will enhance efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

Towards this end, all critical non-current records will be digitized and archived in an Electronic Digital Records Management System (Alfresco), and current records will be reviewed and digitized on an on-going process. The original paper records will be re-organized using a filing plan tied to the digital system to enhance faster retrieval when arises.




As part of the process, TK Index will also set up an automated backup server as a contingency and train all the staff who will be interacting with the system. This digitization is a major step towards enhancing quality service delivery in the government ministries and is in-line with Rwanda’s overall development strategies and especially e-government initiative envisaged in vision 2030.

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