What is Google up to?

Google has just announced that it will start penalizing websites that plagiarize content from other sites by pushing them down the radar on their search engines.

See here

Sounds very good? Oh yeah, if you are an author or a owner of a start-up like me you dont just want someone to copy-paste content from your site and avail to the world. But wait!

How is google going to determine the authentic owners or the actual originality of the content? Don’t tell me they will use algorithms, because according to my limited knowledge, not all websites are indexed by google. What if the content was originally published in a site that the google crawler didn’t have an idea about? Trust me, mistakes will be made, and many of those mistakes will involve wrongly penalizing the small companies, websites and start-ups like mine and yours. Give it time.

For now, the conglomerates will thank google for coming up with a ‘brilliant’ idea of curtailing plagiarism, but i don’t see the end to this means. We wait and see.

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One Comment to "What is Google up to?"

  1. ISIDRO says:

    WHAT this indexing trjan machine thinks he is he is not the owner of the web , we need to start droping google as a hot potatoe before we can rgret it

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