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What is Google up to?

Google has just announced that it will start penalizing websites that plagiarize content from other sites by pushing them down the radar on their search engines. See here Sounds very good? Oh yeah, if you are an author or a owner of a start-up like Continue

Digitizing Gatsibo

TK Index has completed digitizing records for Gatsibo District (Eastern Province, Rwanda). The district now joins others in Rwanda that are moving towards electronic document management and preservation. There is still lots of ground to be covered, but Continue

Electronic Records & e-Gvt in EAC

As the the countries in the East African community (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania & Burundi) continue to solidify political and economic integration, ICT will continue to play a key role to the cause. In fact Observers say, an ideal ICT environment Continue

Managing Public Sector Electronic Records

Everyday, thousands (if not millions) of electronic documents are created in public offices. Transactions are initiated, managed and sometimes completed without a single printed paper rolling down the printer. The history (or call it evidence) of Continue

Why Koha ILS Rocks

I have been asked many times why many Libraries especially, academic and public, are moving to Koha Integrated Library System. It is difficult to give a clear answer because different libraries have different needs and requirements. However from a general Continue

Easing Information Management